Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Pink Saturday!

Greetings! Pink Rules!

This is my first event, and I'm excited to see what is special to all of you! I'm new to blogging and have a new etsy store, and I look forward to making new friends in both places!

This pink item is very dear to me. On a trip to London in 1986, I found this beautiful bone china Aynsley (Little Sweetheart pattern) "Strawberries and Cream" serving dish. Of course, I knew my sister and both my daughters would need one too, so we lugged four of them home with us. We have enjoyed them at many family parties/dinners/showers/etc. over the years. They look beautiful filled with strawberries; the little side bowl and pitcher hold cream and powdered sugar. So lovely, so British, and so delicious--makes me want to put it to use today!
Come see me at my etsy store (I am adding cards and pictures daily) at
Have a lovely pink day!


Monday, September 1, 2008

A lovely week in August

Last week, August 25-30, was really a fun and important week in my life! I'm new at blogging and also new to the etsy world. I had a serious obsession to set up a store as I have lots and lots of handmade product that needs and wants to be sold and in the hands of new friends.

So, I packed half of my home office into my CRV and headed north to Kansas where one of my daughters (and fellow bloggers) lives. You know how it is: so much more fun to be tackling something new with someone else (especially someone you love and can laugh with). And laugh we did; we also pulled a couple of "all nighters" along the way. But, in the end, we both did set up etsy shops which we will be posting products into daily (or near daily). I have so many cards and pictures to post it'll take awhile. Visit me: and visit my daughter:

Well, I've got to get (etsy) posting!

Blessings, Jayne