Sunday, November 22, 2009

Twelve Weeks of Christmas! Wreaths/Door Decor

Wreaths/Door Decor!

Week 8

This week we are to share a wreath or door decor.
This is the perfect time for the coolest Santa ever to make his blogland debut!
I found this Santa at a really wonderful shop in Wichita, KS, in the Christmas of 2007. They knew I was "in love" with him, but he was pretty expensive (OK, a lot expensive)! But, after Christmas, the shop owner gave me a sale price, and I snapped him up and brought him home to Texas. That year I left him in the den all year. In 2009 he moved into my studio but now is back in the den "presiding" over all the other Christmas tra-la-las.

His gorgeous raffia beard is four feet long!

I have no tutorial on creating him.
He may be one-of-a-kind, but you need to meet the coolest Santa I've ever seen!

A little closer view. . .
(click on both pics for a closer view)

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Christmas Blessings,

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pink Saturday - Teapots!


When thinking about decorating for Christmas I remembered a box of teapots that I hadn't unpacked when we moved a few years ago. Hmmm...., why not make them become a new decoration this year. So, here is a pink teapot with a little bling added.

Look around and see what unexpected "containers" you may have that could become a new Christmas decoration this year! A few picks, a little greenery, and for no expense, a new look! I did this with several teapots (but only showed the pink here, of course).

For more pink fun, be sure to visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound!

Thanksgiving/Christmas Blessings,


Monday, November 16, 2009

Twelve Weeks of Christmas! Crafts #2

Crafts #2


Why not fill them with Christmas decorations (picks/greenery)?
As I was thinking about what to post for TWOC this week, for some reason a packed-up box of teapots that were in my closet came popping into mind. Why not get them out and make them become a Christmas decoration?
The first one (above) was my mothers. The lid is long gone, but it's at least 75-years-old. The gold painted decoration is probably 18 k gold.

So, I got out several others and filled them with picks bought at HL at half price.
Soooooo..... look around for the unexpected (containers) at your house and turn them into new Christmas decorations this year! The sky's the limit!
Pink, but still Christmasy....

This last container is a planter with faux greenery; I may still add some bows to these teapots, or they may be done.

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Christmas Blessings,

Monday, November 9, 2009

Twelve Weeks of Christmas! Shopping!

~ Mr. Snowman says, "Welcome to TWOC, week six!" ~

~ Santa I found on sale last year after Christmas! ~

We are half-way through Red Writing's TWOC Event!

This week we are to share shopping ideas/events/sprees/whatever!

One of my favorite finds is this desktop fireplace. I found it at the Dallas Gift Market and just had to share it with you. The stand is metal; the logs are resin; the candles are tea-lite size, and I found some dark colored candles so they sort of blend in with the "logs."

One set will sit on a table in my bedroom and one on my desk at work. The one at work will have to have battery powered candles in it or I may try to get a string of mini-lites attached to it somehow. That one is still a work in progress.

Next is a shopping spree that my daughters and I took last year the week after Christmas. We always visit a wonderful gift shop located in an old fire station (in Kansas) when we're together. They carry wonderful gift items, and I love to shop there before and after Christmas! Shown here are pictures of some of their decorations in the store (after Christmas) last year!
~ Cute santas and snowmen ~

~ A tree in the store ~

I bought the ornaments shown below on my own little tree last year at half price! Love them!

I love to unpack these kinds of great finds a year later; it feels like they were free! I highly recommend after Christmas shopping - both for gifts and for decorating your own tree and home.

Shop pre-Christmas, too! Our small business owners need our business!

~ Love this snowman! ~

The first two ornaments on this blog post were bought last year at half price!

~ Go forth and shop! ~

~ Shop Early - Shop Often ~

I look forward to the cooler weather, the decorations, the Christmas music, the Salvations Army Bells, even the hustle and bustle.

And, it all happens, Because He Came!

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~ Christmas Blessings! ~


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday!

I decided to post something I have made for Christmas this year! After all it's only 49 days till Christmas! Does that shock you? It's time to be thinking Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

This is a picture in a fun frame that I have made for gifts and for my website this year. There are lots of people out there who don't do red and green for Christmas decorations - many (of you) do pink!

A close-up

A back view - sheet music taken from an old copy of J. S. Bach's
"Mass in B Minor."

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Pink Saturday and Christmas Blessings!