Friday, October 31, 2008

Feeling Patriotic

Well, early voting has probably ended in most places. I voted last week and will be so glad when the election is over.
But in thinking about all that is going on in America, I decided to post one of my many flags. Even though I'm posting tomorrow for "Pink Saturday," my home is mostly red, white and navy with a flag theme. This is a new theme for me. Just a few years ago my entire house was pink and green!
This folk flag was made for me years ago by one of my daughters. It was a true "act of love" as she is highly allergic to anything that requires a needle and thread. But, she did it, and I love it!
I'll post some more of my favorite flags and patriotic things in the days to come.
Be sure to vote Tuesday! And be sure to "fall back" your clocks this Saturday night for daylight savings time.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pink Saturday - Christmas Joy!

Happy Pink Saturday!

I'm thinking Christmas Joy all dressed up in pink. Because I make (and sell) greeting cards, it's already time to be thinking about what will make it into my Christmas card designs this years. Well, here it is! I'm making pink cards (I'll also make this same card in red and green), but the pink will be my favorite!

Enjoy and have a lovely pink day! My cards can be seen on my new and still "under construction" etsy store: