Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pink Saturday - Christmas Joy!

Happy Pink Saturday!

I'm thinking Christmas Joy all dressed up in pink. Because I make (and sell) greeting cards, it's already time to be thinking about what will make it into my Christmas card designs this years. Well, here it is! I'm making pink cards (I'll also make this same card in red and green), but the pink will be my favorite!

Enjoy and have a lovely pink day! My cards can be seen on my new and still "under construction" etsy store:





Happy Pink Saturday!

PINK Christmas cards are great!

~ Gabriela ~

Smilingsal said...

Pretty card.

Please come visit for my Pink Saturday offering, and then click on the book in my sidebar for a book giveaway!

Melissa Wertz said...

Good idea! Happy Pink Saturday!

CC said...

Happy Pink Saturday..I love your sweet cards.

Shannon @ Silver Trappings said...

Love your pink Christmas cards! I'm so glad you did Pink Saturday again.


Virginia said...

Pink Christmas cards, I like the idea.
Happy Pink Saturday!
Blesings, Virginia

Shabby Kim said...

Hi Jayne,

Your pink christmas cards turned out great. What a lovely change from the normal reds & greens we see at christmas.

Happy Pink Saturday.


Patricia said...

What a lovely project and the cards came out beautiful. Happy Pink Saturday.

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Jayne.

Your card is just absolutely exquisite. I do believe the pink would be my favorite, too. ;-)

Stephanie said...

How pretty!! Who wouldn't want to receive a card like that??

Happy Pink Saturday!


KatCollects said...

The perfect color for a Christmas card : ) How fun.

Stacey said...

Your Christmas card is gorgeous! You have a lovely blog. Thanks for sharing. :-) Stacey

Ed said...

What a beautiful card ......

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Jayne, What a pretty Christmas card. Those should be a good seller with all the pink passion I'm running across. :0) Hope you have a wonderful Pink week!

Queen of Dreamsz

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Happy PINKness! I love PINK Christmas Cards!! Well...I just love PINK!!


ps...thanks for stopping by

Shellie said...

Your blog looks beautiful! I love the pink Christmas card. It is my favorite you have done.