Saturday, October 17, 2009

TWOC - Christmas Accent Craft #1

Twelve Weeks of Christmas - Week Three

Christmas Craft Accents #1

Well, here we are at week three of our Twelve Weeks of Christmas event sponsored by Red Writing. It's been fun to read all the blogs of those who are participating, and I appreciate your visits to My Song Within.

This first picture is of a wreath I bought on sale after Christmas last year for about $10. It's a really nice wreath - light and feathery. I just embellished it with some white feathers and silver picks (all bought on sale at HL) and a white sheer bow. I have under $12 invested and it only took a few minutes to assemble. I recommend doing your own wreath decorating! It's easy, it doesn't cost much and you can let your imagination run wild.

the "before"

the "after"

This next picture is a conglomoration of bling, trees, wreaths, shoes, purses, etc. that were collected from after-Christmas sales last year, things I bought at the Dallas Gift Market for my website and some Hobby Lobby purchases. It will hopefully all turn into wonderful gifts, home decor and website stuff. I have "sacks and sacks" of gorgeous picks, ribbon and greenery that I'm having fun planning "what it will all become" (and with only 60 something days till Christmas, it had better become something in a hurry!).

This pretty gold shoe is filled with some of my "sacks and sacks" of pretty picks, ribbon, and greenery. I'm making them for gifts and for my site.

This tree - well, suffice it to say, I have many of these trees; they were on sale at HL last year, and everytime I went shopping I bought a couple. I think I have twelve or fourteen. They are going to be "embellished" this year from my "sacks and sacks" of glittery picks, ribbons, etc. I think they'll make nice gifts, plus I'll keep some. You can't have too many trees around the house!

My theory:
Every little nook and cranny needs
a Christmas tree nestled into it!
They make everything so cozy.

Do all bloggers do crafts? Probably - in some form or other. This blog is about just one side of what I create. TWOC has a second craft event in a few weeks, and in that one I'll share what else I do (Christmas goodies) that takes a totally different path, and I can't wait to see what you're doing at both events!
Thanks for visiting and be sure to visit all the TWOC blogs. I'll bet this week's "party" takes lots of fun directions!



Jen said...

Oh, I hope you show these wreaths when you are done. I do LOVE to craft and do craft shows, but have never tackled greenery...other than wrapping white lights around garland and putting it on my entertainment center.

Shannon @ Silver Trappings said...

That all looks fun to work with! I love the purse and shoe. I didn't know you bought that many trees last year. lol But I do agree that every room needs at least one tree!

Shellie said...

I absolutely agree with you about a tree nestled in every corner. There can never be too many Christmas trees!!

Shellie said...

I LOVE the silver wreath! Christmas bling throughout the house is so cheerful!!

Norma Jean said...

I love your wreath, it makes me think of a winter wonderland. And the shoe is too cute! Can't wait to see what your other craftiness is all about!
Thanks for stopping by my blog & for all your sweet comments. I love visitors! :)

Jenny said...

Beautiful. We finally got Hobby Lobbyies here in AZ. Yikes, those are crazy dangerous stores. Thanks for the centerpiece.

laterg8r said...

great idea to buy on sale after xmas, i'm always hiding away until the new year and avoiding the gift card shoppers LOL!

love the wreath you created! awesome :D

the gold shoe is super cool! very creative!

Carrie said...

Hhhmmm....every little nook and cranny needs some Christmas. I like that. A LOT.

I don't think my husbands pocketbook will, though! :)

I love how your wreath turned out!

April but some call me Prilyy said...

LOVE THE SHOE!!!!! im a shoe fanatic! its so perdy!

nannykim said...

Woohoo--I like all that crafty stuff displayed on your finished table!! looks cool!! Also love your wreath--wow!!

Red Writing said...

Your silver feather wreath is so pretty! I, too love the after-Christmas sales on decorations. It is so much fun the next year to pull everything out and it is new! Love it!
That red wreath in your second picture is really sassy! Did it come from HL?

I am looking forward to giving away your beautiful creation in a couple of weeks. I wish I could enter myself in these drawings!!

Maureen said...

Beautiful touches! You are very creative.

I wish we had Hobby Lobby stores here in Canada. Thankfully, we at least have Michaels.

Shayna Mills said...

You're so crafty, thank you for posting, they are very inspiring ideas!!