Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Song Within

The life that would soar like an eagle must hear and respond to the melody of divine music. My Song Within is Jesus; He has saved me and promised me that I am a daughter of the King of kings! How awesome!

My favorite pastime is creating hand-crafted Christian, Scripture-based greeting cards and framed Scripture pictures. Over the past twelve years I have made, sent and sold several thousand cards. This passion constantly changes in its "look" and "type" and new series come and go. This keeps it interesting for me and people seem to be blessed who receive a card (because they are all Scripture!). The framed pictures are a new addition, so right now I just make them and stash them in my home studio (though I have given and sold a few). Soon (when I learn how to make it happen) they will be pictured on my blog.

I have decided it's time to broaden the scope of this hobby (and a desired future business), so hopefully God will lead people of likemindedness to find my blog and future website.

Blessings! Jayne

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Shannon said...

Yea! You created a blog! I am so excited. I have added you to my favorite blogs list! To add pictures look right above where you are typing your post - you will see a picture that will say
"add image." That will let you upload pictures from your computer. Once they appear in the post you can click on them and drag them to where you want within your post. Have fun blogging!
Shannon at Treasures From Home