Sunday, July 27, 2008

Today I posted more of the Scripture pictures I make. Learning to work with my camera and framed pictures with glass (glare problems, you know) has been interesting to say the least. My family would tell you that if we want a family snapshot of an event, the camera is kept very far away from me. Half the family will be out of the picture, or no one will have a head. But, I press on. Yesterday I signed up for an etsy store - - and pictures of what I make are a pretty important feature! Nothing is there yet, but hopefully there will be products listed in the next week or so!

My thing is handcrafted Scripture greeting cards and framed Scripture pictures. I have lots of new ideas churning around in my head, but I'll post on my blog when etsy is up and running!

Have a blessed Sunday!


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Shannon said...

*snicker, snicker* Yes, well, since no family members are headless in these pictures --- Your photos are great. I love all the designs you have shown. Can't wait to see what all you put in your etsy store!