Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A series of pictures of my pictures . . .

Today I am posting (below and above) a number of Scripture pictures (almost all pics are 5 X 7) without alot of details. Scroll down a bit (to July 22) and you will see more pictures with detailed descriptions and specs. Hopefully you can see that each piece contains several layers (even behind glass you can see the 3D effect) of papers, ribbons, embellishments, etc. One recurring theme is: "You are a daughter of the King!" This is a glorious truth for Christian girls and women to realize, to really begin to grasp and to cherish! Enjoy!

Hopefully my work will be on a website soon and also on Occasionally I auction on eBay.

The plan is to have Scripture pictures and greeting cards "out there" for sale soon. I currently sell cards to individuals, limited retail accounts, and church ministries and have been doing so for about twelve years. Greeting cards have been my passion for years; Scripture pictures are fairly new in my "creative life."

Very soon there will be pictures of greeting cards on this blog--some to blend with the pictures.

So, scroll up and down a bit and enjoy the Scripture and messages!


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